Wednesday, May 17, 2017

I'm in various stages of completion with a number of projects, and I've vowed to knit through my stash before I buy anything new... but, in the meantime, a girl can dream, right? These are the projects I'm dreaming about starting in what shouldn't be a terribly distant future. I don't have that big of a stash, and summer vacation isn't too far away!

The first two would be good summer-into-fall transitional pieces:

Image via Ravelry
I love the cables tucked into pockets on Classic Elite's Christie cardigan.

Image via Ravelry
Another Classic Elite pattern, this vest/shawl hybrid gives you that cozy fall feeling without any worry of overheating.

Image via Ravelry
Simple, strategically-placed cables, unusual construction, and a pocket--this pattern has some elements that are perennial winners for me. This cardigan would be a great jacket substitute as the weather starts to turn cooler in October or November.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

One of the easiest ways to use up leftover veggies is incorporate them into a stir fry. The possible combinations are limitless, and the end result is delicious! The recipe template that follows is, as is always the case with recipes I share, approximated. If you haven't cooked with fish sauce before, a little goes a long way. Similarly, even reduced-sodium soy sauce is pretty salty, so start small and add more if needed to suit your own tastes.

In this version: mushrooms, carrots, walnuts, and green onions

  • 1 cup rice
  • For the super-fancy: a splash of mirin
  • 2 tablespoons(ish) sesame oil
  • 2 cups assorted veggies*
  • 1 teaspoon(ish) fish sauce
  • 1 tablespoon(ish) reduced-sodium soy sauce


  1. Get the rice going in a rice cooker or on the stove. If you have mirin, add a splash or two to the water.
  2. Warm the sesame oil over medium-low heat.
  3. Chop any veggies that need chopping.
  4. Saute veggies until they start to soften.
  5. Add fish sauce and soy sauce, and continue cooking for 5 or so minutes, stirring frequently.
  6. Cover, turn off the heat, and let the veggies hang out until the rice is done.

*When you're making your veggie selection, you can really just use whatever you've got on hand, but I would recommend choosing something aromatic (i.e., garlic, onion), something with protein (i.e., edamame, nuts), and whatever else you want to round out your 2 cups.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Needled and Hooked: Episode 1

Today I had the idea to start a video podcast about/of knitting. A video of someone knitting might seem kind of silly... but people watch videos of other people playing video games, so why not? Enjoy!