Friday, February 24, 2017

As we head into the weekend, I've got a few discoveries/inspirations/perennial favorites to share:

Image via Vivino

Wine pairings add another layer to the fun of Girl Scout cookie season. I was thinking about baking a cake this weekend, but maybe I just need to pick up some Tagalongs and a bottle of sparkling rose instead? Get more details about the suggested varietals from Vivino.

Speaking of seasonal treats, the unofficial cancellation of winter this year means that I'm already starting to hear one of my favorite sounds: the evening calls of spring peepers. If you didn't know that the source of this nighttime noise is tiny and adorable, consider yourself educated.
Image via Amazon

And while we're on the subject of spring, I'm thinking that some new sandals might be in order. I love a good footbed sandal. I think of them as "Whole Foods chic," which is kind of what I go for. I've got my eye on these printed Muk Luks from Amazon. Even the footbed has a floral print! They would stand out from all the brown Birks in the bulk foods section of my local co-op.

The DMV is in for some rain this weekend, so I took advantage of the unseasonably-warm weather to head out to Leesylvania State Park for a bit after work. It is one of my favorite places, but I don't think I'd been in over a year! I hope to have a state-park-filled 2017.

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