Sunday, June 19, 2016

The Finisher

Frequently Asked Knitting Question: Isn't it too hot to knit in the summer?
Answer: Not if you have air conditioning.

I tend to do a lot of knitting and crocheting in the summer. As always I have several projects on hooks and needles in various stages of completion. A Lofty Goal would be to use up my stashed craft supplies; a more Reasonable Goal might be to simply finish those projects that I've started. Since it is the Summer of Less, I will go the reasonable route.

This is what I'm working on, minus a few pattern-less projects that I'm making up as I go:

Image via Ravelry

As I was uploading this picture, I thought, "Y'know, I think I've blogged about this sweater before..." It has been in progress for about a year, so it's entirely plausible. Anyway, I'm using a soft, light brown cotton/wool blend.

Image via Ravelry
I started this vest around Thanksgiving, and I'm a little over halfway done. It's hard to see, but it has pockets, which is a fun and exciting feature to knit. Mine will a light heather rose pink.

Image via Ravelry
This is something I started just in the last week or so. I'm using a soft green chenille yarn that is probably meant for baby blankets. I decided that I wanted a solid cardigan for a couple reasons: I'm not in love with the over-sized polka dot effect of the two colors, and I didn't want to weave in as many ends.

Image via Ravelry
The only summery knit in the bunch, this tank actually only needs to be seamed. The yarn I used is a textured cotton in a shade of green slightly more yellow than the color shown here. 

What are you working on this summer?

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