Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Finisher: Kayleigh Tank

I finished the first of what I hope will be many works-in-progress this summer. I actually only had to sew the seams and weave in the ends, which, in and of itself, can be a battle, and, on top of that, I had run out of yarn. And the yarn I used was discontinued. I really only took action on it when I did because I realized I had some yarn of a similar color on hand, and it wouldn't ruin my plans if I used a little bit of it for seaming.

I had this run of sweaters coming out too small, and I was worried that this one would be no different, but I think it's really a very good fit. While the yarn I used is cotton, it is a pretty bulky, textured cotton, so this is really a top for a day that's going to be full of air-conditioning. Maybe a day spent at an art museum. I'm "modeling" it with skinny jeans, but I think it would also be cute with cut-offs. You'll want to wear a tank top underneath, because the eyelets in the leaves are not exactly small. If you spied by goat-and-monogram necklace, I got it from Kim's Jewelry on Etsy.

Particularly since the yarn I used is now discontinued, I'm not going to any details here. However, if you want to know the pattern I used, etc., you can check out my project on Ravelry.

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