Friday, June 17, 2016

As the end of the school year approaches, I always find myself setting goals for the summer. They're usually pretty lofty: Become a blogging and Etsy sensation! Run a 5K--no walking (nevermind I can't even run a mile)! I usually also have some sort of major life event involving a moving van and/or airplane in the works. What ends up happening is that the summer becomes all about The Major Event, and then, once that's over, it becomes all about being disappointed in myself for how little progress I made on my Lofty Goals.

As I started planning this summer, I realized that I don't want anything Big. I want a summer of less. My goals are more along the lines of "eat a lobster roll" and "declutter my closet" than radically changing aspects of my life. I would like to be generally healthier, but I don't need to be able to run a certain distance or studiously monitor my diet. I would like to have less stuff, but I'm not interested in experimenting with hardcore minimalism. I would like to do more of the little things that fuel me (crafting, reading, walking) rather than banking on a vacation or move to recharge my spirit.

To kick off my summer of less, I'm going to really get back to basics. Like biological-necessity basics. I'm going to focus on two things that are completely essential, but are often the first to be compromised when we're stressed: oxygen and water. Starting Sunday, I will meditate and drink more water. I have been giving myself the excuse of "too tired--just want to go to bed" to avoid meditating, and I am so absorbed in my love affair with caffeine that I seldom drink plain water. Literally anything would be an improvement (which I say as a positive thing rather than self-admonition), but setting a goal to meditate daily and drink a glass of water before each meal feels right.

As I move through the summer months, I plan to keep building on my self-care habits while also pursuing some of my other projects. You are, of course, invited along for the ride, and you can certainly play along with me! What are you doing to make this a healthy and happy summer?

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