Thursday, June 30, 2016

1000 Things to Be Thankful For: 161-259

This is my 99th post. I had been planning for my 99th post to be about the day trip I was planning to take with my mom on Tuesday, and then my 100th post would have been this list plus one more thing that I am grateful for... but then some things came up. Stuff of the costly medical persuasion, but also the stuff that results in enough gratitude to merit its own stand-alone post. So I've had to adjust my plans a bit. I may work out a 100th post tomorrow, I may not. I may do a little more processing of the week's events over the holiday weekend and come back to it Tuesday.
  1. Adaptable relationships
  2. Plenty of rest
  3. Courage to go out of my comfort zone
  4. Interspecies friendships
  5. Bats
  6. Actually laying eyes on a binturong
  7. Stumbling upon a delicious restaurant
  8. A really good egg sandwich
  9. Osprey sightings
  10. Spotting a great blue heron in flight
  11. Animal web cams
  12. A sunny window in an air-conditioned cafe
  13. Working A/C in my car!
  14. Day trips
  15. Homemade pickles
  16. Farmers' markets in full swing
  17. Jeans every day!
  18. Plenty of kitty snuggles
  19. HGTV on Netflix
  20. Baby animals
  21. Fireflies
  22. Fireworks
  23. Catching up with friends
  24. Road trips
  25. Flip flops
  26. Painted toenails
  27. The feeling of sand under my feet
  28. Popsicles
  29. Cook-outs
  30. Fresh fruit cobblers
  31. Picnic food
  32. Long days (as in extra hours of sunlight)
  33. Long walks
  34. Days bookended with birdsong
  35. Moving at a slower pace
  36. Visiting with family
  37. Discovering a new yarn store
  38. Finally finishing projects that languished all school year
  39. Sundresses
  40. Spending an afternoon in a bookstore
  41. Huge glasses of iced tea
  42. Starting the day with yoga
  43. Not teaching summer school!
  44. Clean sheets
  45. No assessment data to collect
  46. A cold drink at the hot and humid zoo
  47. Fans that spray a fine mist of water
  48. Fresh corn
  49. Fresh tomatoes
  50. Making a big mess in the kitchen on a weeknight...
  51. And having all of the next morning to clean it up
  52. Second breakfast
  53. Spontaneous IKEA trips
  54. Leisurely drinking cinnamon coffee...
  55. And not having to plan out subsequent bathroom trips
  56. Logging fun stuff in my bullet journal
  57. The arrival of fall knitting and crochet patterns
  58. Days without an agenda
  59. Working on things for school without a deadline
  60. Discovering new blogs
  61. Discovering new books
  62. Daydreaming
  63. Visiting a farm
  64. Fresh flowers
  65. The perpetual "youth" of faux florals
  66. Braids
  67. Afternoon tea
  68. Meetings that feel more like work-family reunions than meetings
  69. Visiting vineyards
  70. Celebrating milestones
  71. Treasure-hunting at consignment shops
  72. Blonde highlights
  73. Cozying up in my bed during a thunderstorm
  74. Baking from scratch
  75. Drinking a lavender lemonade
  76. Time to stare off into space and daydream
  77. The satisfaction of organizing a space
  78. Watching gulls squabble over prime sitting spots
  79. When the school stuff hits the Target Dollar Spot
  80. The sound of cicadas
  81. Sleeping just the right amount
  82. Running into a box turtle on a hike
  83. Doughnut peaches
  84. The occasional actual doughnut
  85. The scent of honeysuckle in the air
  86. Driving around on a day when the sky is full of giant cotton-candy clouds
  87. Live music, preferably outside
  88. Lobster rolls
  89. Running into friends
  90. Having a fancy lunch out, just because
  91. Going somewhere new
  92. Planning parties (even if I don't end up throwing them)
  93. Ending the day pleasantly sleepy instead of exhausted
  94. Sitting on a porch, drink in hand
  95. Eating on patios
  96. Successfully avoiding sunburn
  97. Mosquito-free rivers, thanks to #5
  98. Eating oysters
  99. Feeling like the world is my oyster

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