Sunday, January 31, 2016

100 Things to Be Thankful For: 121-140

  1. Winter birds
  2. Happening to catch a beautiful sunrise or sunset
  3. Snow days!
  4. Spending an afternoon baking 

  1. Getting around to projects long cast aside
  2. Living in an apartment complex at which the office staff really cares about residents
  3. Getting lunch with friends during the work week
  4. My special "snow plow" for cleaning off my car

  1. Home hair-highlighting kits
  2. Twist-able, no-sharpen colored pencils (the big pack!)
  3. A closet with an organizational system beyond "just throw it somewhere and shut the door"
  4. Finding the perfect tufted storage bench at Marshalls
  5. New hand towels for the bathroom, just because
  6. Joining a just-for-fun jazz ensemble
  7. New reeds that play like a dream, no breaking in required

  1. My beautiful saxophone, Yoshi Yanagisawa, which apparently was waiting patiently for me to pick it up again rather than falling into disrepair

  1. 800 songs to learn
  2. Sporadic evidence that I once knew how to improvise
  3. The calming effect of age--I have significantly fewer cussing outbursts while practicing now
  4. The amazing thoroughness of YouTube. I can find a backing track for just about anything!

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