Wednesday, December 2, 2015

1000 Things To Be Thankful For: 41-61

It was not a particularly good day today, and, for awhile there, I was much more focused on what's going wrong in my life (and in the world) than what's going right. Given my sour frame of mind, I figured today would be a good day to add to my 1000 things.
  1. Coming home to the smell of soup in the Crock-Pot
  2. Work friends who randomly bring in sweet treats
  3. Students who put their phones away without being asked
  4. Failing that, students who only have to be asked to put their phone away once
  5. Being able to go out to eat essentially whenever I want

  1. Kitchen inspiration for re-imagining leftovers
  2. Reliable transportation
  3. A warm, water-resistant coat
  4. Comfortable work shoes
  5. An unexpected compliment
  6. The ability to accept a compliment without feeling the need to put myself down in response
  7. Days when I get to leave work on time
  8. Health conditions that may be chronic but not scary

  1. Seasonal beers
  2. Burning a scented candle in the evening just because
  3. Sitting down at a table to share a good meal and good conversation
  4. Good conversation, period
  5. The feeling that everything is going to be ok when that special someone grabs your hand
  6. A really, really good chocolate truffle
  7. Watching DL repeatedly throw hair ties in the air and catch them in her mouth
  8. The fact that DL can walk, let alone run around chasing hair ties
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