Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Live (and Dress) Your Truth

Image via Dressing Your Truth Store

A couple years ago, I found Carol Tuttle's website while tooling around on the internet for resources on chakra balance. I started reading one of her books and learned about the 4 personality types. Intrigued, I decided to type myself. As I read, I thought, 'Oh man, there's going to be a quiet, introverted mouse-person type, and that will be me.' Sure enough, the soft and subtle Type 2 fit me to a T. I felt like I had confirmed that I am destined to fade into the background. I was stuck with the exact traits that people throughout my life have tried to get me to reject: quiet, introverted, detail-oriented, sensitive and slow. I would never naturally become a bright, bubbly person, nor would I morph into a bold go-getter.

And then something interesting happened. I calmed down and read about Type 2's a little more objectively. It sounded like... these were people with things to offer the world? Not just doormats? And it sounded like they didn't need to force themselves to be louder or more gregarious to have value, but they have worth just as they are. Most surprisingly of all, some of the qualities that I like most about myself were actually classic Type 2.

Anne Tuttle Brown, Type 2 Beauty Expert. Image via New Money Mama.

I saw that there was a 'spin-off', if you will, of energy profiling called 'Dressing Your Truth.' I dabbled in it as much as one could without buying the program, and I bought some 'soft and subtle' clothes and accessories, but it was never something that I was serious about. When I moved to Northern Virginia, it really went out the window. The DC metro area is fairly conservative and traditional--think lots of J. Crew. (Not that there's anything wrong with J. Crew!) I tried to fit myself into more of a classic-but-modern, neo-preppy, young professional look with more structure and bolder colors. I really wanted to fit in, and I really wanted to be taken seriously, so I slowed the flow of my Type 2 outfits to a grinding halt.

Then, about a week ago, came the email. 'Dressing Your Truth' was offering a 14-day free trial period. I figured, 'Why not?', and I signed up. I wasn't expecting to like it as much as I did. What I had seen before didn't feel terribly modern to me, but what I was watching was updated and really, really lovely. I found myself wishing that just about every piece shown in the Type 2 course was in my closet. I loved the idea of quietly celebrating my personality with my wardrobe choices every day. And, honestly, I really needed the reminder that I am good enough exactly as I am.

The lighting in my closet is terrible, but you can get an idea of what's in my first real attempt at a Type 2 wardrobe.

To wrap up a post that is already a bit too long, suffice to say that I'm all in: I'm taking the 30 Day Challenge and 'dressing my truth' for 30 days. I'm curious to see what emotions will pop up throughout the process and how I'll feel in a month's time. I intend to post about it periodically throughout the challenge, but, at the very least, I'll wrap up the 30 days with a before-and-after.

Have you done 'Dressing Your Truth' or similar programs? How did it go for you? Any fellow Type 2's out there?

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