Sunday, November 29, 2015

1000 Things To Be Thankful For: 21-40

  1. This silly kitty
  2. When you know someone doesn't have time to spend with you, and he makes time anyway
  3. An afternoon of flipping through a new cookbook
  4. When the heat kicks on right before you get out of bed, making your bedroom nice and toasty
  5. Special pillows that eliminate back pain
  6. Piles of clean laundry
  7. Leftovers I actually want to eat
  8. A shopping basket full of fresh veggies
  9. A steaming cup of cocoa after running errands in the drizzle
  10. The peaceful stillness of a cloudy, rainy day
  11. The right outerwear options for the ever-changing fall weather
  12. A cozy chenille blanket to wrap up in on the couch
  13. A hodgepodge coffee mugs collected over the years
  14. That magical (and fleeting) moment when all of the dishes are clean
  15. Stumbling upon a quote that perfectly captures your day/mood/life philosophy
  16. An arsenal of supplies for spontaneous crafting
  17. A stocked pantry
  18. The satisfaction of watching a lace or cable pattern emerge from your knitting needles
  19. The luxury of spending a morning or afternoon puttering around a bookstore or craft store
  20. A good cry--either the kind that results from having your faith in humanity restored or the kind that flushing out an excess of stress hormones
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