Saturday, October 31, 2015

Super-Easy Halloween Costume: Brain Slug

For Halloween this year, I decided to run a 5K. Ok, so maybe the word "run" is not especially accurate, but I completed a 5K. My lovely boyfriend went with me, and he actually ran it, but decided to stop short of the finish line and wait for me to catch up.

I'd never done a race of any kind before, but I knew that people sometimes go all out with costumes for the themed ones. I wanted to participate in the fun, but I didn't want anything fiddly getting on my nerves or causing me to have to stop. I wasn't intent on running the whole thing, but I was hell-bent on not having to stop at all. So I had the idea of wearing a brain slug a la 'Futurama'--when you're sucking wind, you actually just look in character for someone with a brain-sucking slug.

To make my brain slug, I used the free pattern from Louie's Loops. If you can crochet a hat, you can crochet a brain slug. It's the easiest amigurumi project I've ever done!

Happy Halloween!

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