Sunday, October 4, 2015

Bonanza of Bat Crafts: Free-Form Quilt

I love curling up with a hot beverage and a lap quilt as the weather starts to get chilly. As I've been working on sprucing up my apartment for bat season fall, I thought, "A new quilt for the couch might be nice." Then I saw these bat fabrics at JoAnn and thought, "A new quilt is happening." Here's how you can dip your toe into the world of quilting:


  • 1 yard each of two fabrics
  • 1 yard batting or packaged crib-size batting
  • Safety pins
  • Good fabric scissors
  • Embroidery floss in a complementary color
  • Sharp embroidery needle with large eye
  • 2 packages of double-fold quilt binding
  • Thread
  • Straight pins


Build your "quilt sandwich" by spreading out your batting on the floor (or fancy crafting table, if you are so lucky). Layer one of the fabrics over top of the batting. Safety pin the two layers together. Flip. Layer the other fabric over top, and then safety-pin in place. Trim excess fabric and/or batting from edges.

Determine how you would like to do the actual quilting. Do you want to do rows of running stitch? Ties? Ties in a grid? Free-form ties? Crazy stitching all over the place? Whatever you want is great--the only objective is to have sufficient ties/stitching to hold the layers together.

I wanted to draw attention to the geometric background of one of my fabrics, so I stitched X's over top of X's built into the pattern, and then tied the loose floss ends on the opposite side. However you decide to do your quilting, use all 6 strands of embroidery floss at once. (In other words, use the floss as is; don't separate the strands.) Since you aren't doing any piecing, part of the interest of this quilt comes from the quilting, so you want it to really stand out. When done stitching, remove safety pins.

Attach your binding to the quilt edges using straight pins. To conceal raw edges, I cut the binding longer than needed for each side and then folded the excess under, leaving a finished edge at each corner. Sew into place. Trim loose ends, and then get cozy with your new quilt, a good book, and a hot cup of tea!

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