Saturday, September 12, 2015

October is coming...

bat appreciation

bat appreciation by happilyintended on Polyvore

If you've read this old post or ever spent any time with me ever, you know that I looooove bats. However, I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Halloween. I scour the Halloween stuff in stores at this time of year, searching for things to add to my batty collection and getting annoyed with all the 'anti-bat propaganda.' I only buy things that portray bats as nice creatures, nothing that plays on their all-too-common association with fear. 

Even with my self-imposed limitations, I usually end spending more money that I really should on bat gear. Most years, I find tons of stuff and have to try really hard to practice self control. This year, however, I've been seeing lots of owls and cats but not a lot of bats. It seems that I have to get my fix somehow--I've lined up a whole bunch of bat-themed crafts to make over the coming weeks. If you've got a negative bat-titude, go ahead and drop it right now--it's about to get all kinds of batty up in here! 

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