Monday, August 3, 2015

The Blog I Want to Read

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It seems completely improbable that there could be something missing from the blogosphere, but I cannot seem to find the blog that I want to read. Sure, there are blogs that I read and enjoy, three of which I shared with you the other day, but there isn't one out there that fits me to a T. Where are the single women who are neither businesswomen nor artists, who care about the environment, and who also want to live comfortable, stylish lives? Some blogs get really close, but they're all lacking at least one piece of my ultimate-blog puzzle.

I want to read about ways I can have a positive impact on the environment...
but I don't want to obsessively monitor my carbon footprint.

I want to spend a weekend back-country camping...
but I also want to paint my nails a trendy color.

I want to pick up a few new pieces each season to stay stylish...
but I want to buy them from companies that care about ethical practices.

I want to live with a do-it-yourself mindset...
but not feel guilty if I occasionally just buy it myself.

I think you may see what I'm getting at--I am a combination of what I will affectionately term "crunchy granola crafter" and "basic b*tch," and I would like to read a blog that speaks to that dichotomy. I want to read about it all: food, style, travel, home design, and crafting. But I don't want to live mindlessly. I want to have those things while simultaneously doing what I can for the world.

Does this blog exist? If not, I guess I will have to create it.

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