Monday, July 13, 2015

Fantasizing About Fall Knitting

I don't see sweltering temperatures and insane humidity as a good enough reason to put down the yarn and needles. Instead, summer is when I often do my most prolific knitting. (In fact, expect a whole slew of finished objects over the next few weeks.) I don't have any outdoor space in my current apartment, so, unless I'm hiking or doing a bit of birding, I tend to be indoors. As I work through my stash, I find myself daydreaming of fall knitting and planning projects for the coming season. Here's what's on my radar so far:

I love a good cardigan, and I love asymmetrical details, so this Ballet-Neck Cardigan by Suvi Simola is a must-knit. You can find the pattern in Vogue Knitting Early Fall 2015, already on newsstands. I knit a strawberry pink cardigan a couple years ago, so I'm going to use a stone/taupe kind of neutral (that just so happens to be in my stash) instead of doing another bright color.

I fell in love with a Fair Isle cardigan from REI last winter, but the price was far from right. Like any resourceful knitter, I took to Ravelry to try to find a pattern with the same feel and look as the Sweater Of My Dreams. This one is just about perfect, and I have some leftover yarn from other projects that will be just right for the yoke. I am going to knit this one up in shades of blue and green (think mountains). You can find this pattern in Drops 116.

I've been a fan of Mari Chiba's designs for awhile, so I was very pleased to see that the Fall 2015 issue of Knitscene features a mini-collection of her work. It was love at first sight when I saw the Solitude Jacket. While I actually really like this shade of brown, I'm not sure that it makes the most sense with my existing wardrobe. (Apparently, being in your 30's makes you more practical.) Plus, there is, as always, the cat hair issue with dark colors. (Again, practical.) I'm considering knitting this up in a winter white or ivory, but we'll see what actually comes home with me! (I'm only 31, after all...)

Are you a knitter? What are you excited about for fall?

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