Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Alphabetical by Author: Edward Abbey

I just can't get into Edward Abbey. Not even "The Monkey Wrench Gang." I am raising the white flag, and I am giving up on this book. Perhaps I am missing something Very Obvious and Important, but I just don't particularly like any of the characters. They all strike me as stuck in a prolonged adolescence. I teach high school, so I have a very low tolerance for immature behavior from adults. It's fine when it's teenagers acting like teenagers, but adults acting like teens? Thanks, but no thanks. I'm off the clock.

I had been really pushing myself to just power through and read it for the sake of being able to write a blog post saying that I had finished it, but what is the point in that? I blog for my own entertainment; the point of 'Alphabetical by Author' is to find fiction I enjoy, so why slog through a book just to say that I did? There is something to be said for practicing follow-through, but there are no consequences to failing to finish a just-for-fun book. It's not exactly the same as, say, not following through on the wet clothes in the washing machine and ending up with a smelly, mildewed mess. If it isn't enjoyable to read the book, you're missing the point of reading for fun.

Hence the Abbey quote above: Finishing a book for the sake of saying you finished it is growth for the sake of growth. It just doesn't make sense. Life is too short to give yourself grief over things that don't have consequences.

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