Saturday, April 4, 2015

Saturday Morning Pins

Is there a better way to start a Saturday than curled up with a hot cup of coffee, still in your pajamas, spending some QT with the Interwebs? It used to be my Saturday morning ritual to make coffee and then check in with my favorite bloggers Over time, I got out of the habit of reading blogs, and I now get my internet fix by pinning obsessively. Here are this Saturday's favorite pins:

This pocket scarf with clever construction details.
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Some spring cleaning inspiration.
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This dress that feels like springtime.
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This tiger cub that can't even. Bring him some Starbucks, stat!
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And this reminder to get out into the natural world!
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(P.S. Are you also a blogger? I wouldn't mind getting back into the blog-reading groove, so leave me your URL in the comments. I'd love to check it out!)

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