Friday, April 3, 2015

Craft Project: Hand Made Modern Jewelry Boxes

As you guys know, I pretty much lost my mind when I found out that Todd Oldham launched a line of craft supplies for adults called Hand Made Modern. These two boxes are my first foray into this exciting new product line. Most everything I used (boxes, paint, and embroidery floss) for these projects is from Hand Made Modern.  The wooden letter stickers on the larger box and the felt lining in both boxes came from Michaels and Joann, respectively.

Check out those feet!

I like the look of natural wood, so I knew I didn't wanted to paint the entire box. I decided to go with my favorite color, green, and my favorite metallic, rose gold. I bought the 'K' wooden stickers at Michaels ages ago with a jewelry box in mind, but I had originally planned to apply the stickers and then paint the entire box. However, when paired with the embroidery box, I decided to leave them unpainted, making them kind of a 'negative' of the green K/natural wood background pairing on the embroidery box.

Given all the loose ends from the cross-stitching on the embroidery box, I knew I needed to do something on the inside to clean that up a bit and better stabilize the thread. I decided to go with a felt covering to add a pop of color. To further tie the two boxes together, I also added a felt liner to the bottom of each. I don't plan to add any little compartments, so the felt will be a little softer on my jewelry than the original bare wood.

Since painting was involved, I worked on these in short bursts over the course of a day. All told, I think it was about 3-4 hours for both boxes, and most of that was cross-stitching time. I am very pleased with these little boxes, and they're great motivation to actually organize all of my thrift-store costume jewelry!

What do you think? Are you excited to check out Hand Made Modern? What craft projects are you working on right now?

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