Tuesday, March 31, 2015

On Capsule Wardrobes - Part 1

Capsule wardrobe: start with a scarf

One of my goals for spring break is to create a capsule wardrobe for work. Spring is always completely insane at school with barely having enough time to finish curriculum (thanks, snow-filled winter!), reviewing for high-stakes tests, and then actually getting through the high-stakes tests, so I thought it would be good to streamline as many other things as I can. I don't like the get up any earlier than is absolutely necessary, and I'm not great at remembering to pick out an outfit to wear the night before. That's why I have become so interested in capsule wardrobes--a closet in which everything goes with everything? Sign me up!

Capsule wardrobe: Start with a scarf 2

Especially after a couple years spent doing academic research, it's hard for me to embark on anything new without reading up on it first. Luckily capsule wardrobes are as omnipresent on blogs as reviews of 'The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up,' so I have had no problem finding sources of inspiration. Here are some of my favorites:

While I am very much a researcher, I'm not necessarily a rule-follower, so I haven't been following any of these processes exactly. Instead, I have settled on my own approach inspired by the resources above and 'The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.' First of all, I thought about what it is that I most love to wear at work. Didn't take much thinking--I wear a scarf more often than not, year 'round. I especially love a patterned scarf, so I decided to base my capsule wardrobe around the colors in my favorites. From here the process became really simple: if it goes with the scarf, it can go into the capsule. If it doesn't, it goes into limbo. After sorting everything, I went go back through the limbo pile and applied the joy test--if it brings me joy, it stays as an option for when I'm totally over everything in the capsule wardrobe and need a little variety. That's it! Easy-peasy!

Have you tried a capsule wardrobe or similar system? Did you like it? How did it go?

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